Welcome to the Talon Of The Phoenix Guildlaunch! The Talon are a small yet extremely friendly guild on the Wiccana Server. We have a strong Australian/New Zealand/North American core base of players, all of which are readily available to help with anything you might need. 

There are players of every level of experience and all are ready to help with quests, toon feating, or anything else you might need. We run through all possible content, be it Old World/Khitai *6mans, HoC* and participate in raids and sieges when the opportunity arises. All of our members focus on what primarily interests them (questing, raiding, mini games, pvp, pve, grinding Khitai, mat gathering, rp'ing) and there is no push/stress to do something you do not want. We are as casual as they come but still focused on one thing: having fun!